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A Personal Note


    Jeremiah is touring his fourth studio album "Head Towards The Sun". The album boasts a rich intimate focus on voice and reels of lofty narrative.

    Rhythms Magazine reviewer Tony Hillier said of the album: "exemplary guitar work on fingerpick, strum and slide, none of which encroaches on Johnson's mellifluous…

Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/07/2019 - 15:16

Music by my own definition is "painting invisible pictures using sound". A music career identified as "one of many goals in the process of making great music". I'm not overly romanced by the fame of others but more so inspired by the success of great musicians like Jeff Lang, Steve Kilbey, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Westerburg, Harry Manx, Paul Dempsey, Jeff Tweedy and others who have mastered their song craft and instruments.

   – Jeremiah Johnson

a personal note from singer songwriter guitarist Jeremiah Johnson