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    Jeremiah is touring his fourth studio album "Head Towards The Sun". The album boasts a rich intimate focus on voice and reels of lofty narrative.

    Rhythms Magazine reviewer Tony Hillier said of the album: "exemplary guitar work on fingerpick, strum and slide, none of which encroaches on Johnson's mellifluous…

A selection of filmclips



Winner of the UNDERSTORY FILM FESTIVAL Best Film Clip 2015

"I define my success"

TEDX JCU Talk by Jeremiah Johnson

Cracks in the Concrete

From the album "Humming of the Axis"

Fall Down The Stairs

Art Collaboration between Hayley Gillespie (visual arts) - Threadless Films (Cinematography) - Jeremiah Johnson (Music). Filmed by Threadless Films in Hayley Gillespie's Studio.

The Mannequin

From the album "Homeland"

Transform (official filmclip)

Inspired by dreams imitating life, imitating dreams.

Transform (improv)

Mission Beach Music Festival 09. Unplanned footage filmed in a cocoon before transformation